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Thirty years ago I entered the sector of waterproofing structures using single ply membranes after many years of experience as a civil engineer active in planning and execution of building and civil engineering projects in englishy, Portugal as well as in various South American countries including the Itaipu hydroelectric power station.

I was responsible for application technology in the area of global export at a highly reputable englishy producer of waterproofing membranes. In this manner I became acquainted with the areas of application of waterproofing membranes in all climatic zones and under extremely different conditions from country to country.

Court Experts Association of Bonn

Experts Association for Damage Managment


As a result of strong global competition, I was forced to come to terms with not only the company products line but with all other available products offered by rival companies in the area of waterproofing. This analysis helped me to acquaint myself with the strengths and weaknesses of the individual waterproofing membrane materials, systems and products.

Since 1999, I have been making my know-how gained in the sector of waterproofing structures available to others as an expert and consultant.


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      Welding test in Denmark
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             Roof inspection in Belgium