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CONSULTANT: Consultation for the waterproofing of structures using single ply membranes
- Roof - Flat roof:
- Pitched roof:
- Designed roof:
Mechanically fixed, ballasted, adhered, garden roofs
From low pitched roofs up to vertical roofs
Round, concave, convex, arched, pointed roofs

- Underground
Moisture, water under pressure / water under no pressure acting from inside or outside of structures under ground level

- Hydraulic
Swimming pools, drinking water reservoirs, polluted water containers, retention basins, catch basins, ponds, lakes, dikes, dams, channels

EXPERT Expertise in German, English or Spanish
Expertise can be drawn up simultaneously in two or three languages. This has the advantage that the documents have identically same wording and meaning when courts, construction owners, construction companies or building structures apply different languages. Imprecise technical translations are thereby eliminated!

PROBLEM-SOLVER: For cases of modification, reconstruction or renovation of the waterproofing
Consultation for ascertaining the best possible solution when it comes to modification, reconstruction or renovation operations of civil engineering and roof waterproofing taking into consideration functionality, economy and service life
Examples of structures which have been waterproofed with single ply membranes:
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Flat roof in Holland
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Pointed roof in Ireland
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Domed roof in England
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Garden roof in englishy
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Swimming pool in Egypt
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Catch basin in Australia